Cable guy

I know this shouldn't bug me, but it does. Today we had to have our cable guy come to switch out our boxes. He showed up (on time!), and I told him we just needed to exchange the one in our bedroom, and that my husband would install it. I don't like strangers in my bedroom (plus it is a mess), and then I explained that something was wrong with the one in the front room. He said that the one in the front room isn't guaranteed, so he wasn't going to switch it out. It is not in my nature to argue, or try to get them to fix something. I won't even send food back in a restaurant, or really tell my hairdresser what I think about my hair. So I call Jon, and explain it to him after the guy leaves. It is in Jon's nature to make sure we get what we are paying for, so before you know it, he has called and complained to the cable company. Within 45 minutes the same guy was back in my front room, I was so uncomfortable. I wanted to tell him it was my husband's idea to have him come all the way back. I'm sure the man could care less, but it was miserable for me. Why do little things like this bother me? Does anyone else ever feel this way about complete strangers, or is it just me? Anyhow, I guess this is just a dumb post about nothing really. If something monumental comes up, maybe I will give it another try later today!


When I was a girl, I used to swallow my Top Ramen noodles, while holding one end still, then pull it back up my throat. I totally forgot I ever did this, until Cooper asked for soup today for lunch. I was watching him slurp, sometimes the juice splashing him in the face, and all of the sudden I remembered. It felt so weird coming back up, my sisters and I would laugh and laugh. I suggest you try it, just so your kids know you were a kid once too. (It might even make me a cool mom if I did it at dinner tonight) Slurp away!

Good Intentions

I love Christmas. I love decorating, baking, shopping, giving, singing, listening to Christmas Carols, I love it all. I think I owe that love to my dad. He loved it too. I can remember when we would decorate, it wasn't just the tree. It was the whole house, inside and out. My brothers probably hated this day because they were going up and down the ladder to the garage attic, pulling down our hundreds of boxes. Dad would put Andy Williams on the record player, and we would decorate. My sisters and I would fight over who got to do the white porcelain Nativity set. Our house was beautiful, we would end up around the tree, sometimes if we were lucky it would even be cold enough to start a fire. We would drink eggnog, and sing silent night. (Just so you know, I am crying thinking about this) I want my kids to have these memories. Yesterday Jon went to storage, and got our hundreds of boxes. We got the tree up and ready so as soon as the kids got home from school they could decorate it. Within minutes there were tears, and fighting. Andy got sent to his room more than once, then Chloe got sent to her room. Kids got grounded from the phone and computer. I made a quick dash to Taco Bell because I realized they were all starving. I had such high hopes for our night, such good intentions. The end result was the same, our tree is up and beautiful, and Chloe's evergrowing Nutcracker collection, the stockings were hung by the chimney with care(which is why Andy was in his room, another story for another time). The kids got showered, we had hot chocolate, and put them to bed. I hope they remember the good times, maybe it wasn't all that great for me when I was a kid, and I am just choosing to remember the happiness. I hope they will too! I know my dad was smiling, probably even enjoying my pain with my children last night, as I hopefully will someday with my grandchildren. I miss him, I want him to come over and turn on "Mary's Boy Child," and hug me, and tell me this is normal. That kids get sent to there rooms numerous times in a day, to tell me it's ok to have good intentions that don't always work out as planned. I just want him, but anyway. I hope you all have a great time decorating with your kids. Sip some eggnog for me while you're at it!


Because the world is round it turns me on
Because the world is round... aaaaahhhhhh

Because the wind is high it blows my mind

Because the wind is high... aaaaaahhhhhhh

Love is all, love is new
Love is all, love is you

Because the sky is blue, it makes me cry
Because the sky is blue...aaaaahhhhhhhh

This is one of my all time favorite Beatles' songs. I had forgotten all about it, until i went and saw Love this summer with my mom and sisters. I recommend everyone to go see that show, it is absolutely fabulous. I am hoping to go see it again in February, if anyone is interested in taking a trip! Anyhow, this song has been in my mind ever since then. I asked my brother for all of his Beatles cd's, I put them all on my ipod, this song was not on any of them, and I could not hear it in my mind anymore to even be able to ask anyone what album it was on. Yesterday I was at Costco, and they have the soundtrack to L
ove for sale. I bought it, even though I hate buying cd's now. I came home immediately and listened to it, it is not the normal version, but it was worth it. I love the ah-uh-ah-uh-ah-uh-ahhh's in it. Anyhow, if you have it, listen to it, if you ever hear it, think of me. If you have a chance see the show!

Love is all, love is new
Love is all, love is you

This is my addition:

Because my kitchen's clean, it makes me smile
Because my kitchen's clean...aaaaaaahhhhhhh.


This is my sister Cami, today she joined the 21st century. Her husband got her a computer last night. I have already gotten my first e-mail from her. I am so excited
to have her online, she is one of the one's I want to have read my blog the most. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. I am sooooo glad she is my sister! So this post is a tribute to her. She is my best friend, and sometimes my worst enemy! She makes me laugh, and cry, and sometimes she just makes me really really mad. I can pretty much tell her anything, and I don't fell like she is judging me. She is so helpful, and loves my kids. That is probably one of the best things about her, she loves my kids no matter what! She is now a mother herself, and she is so good at it. I have been so worried about her, because the first is always the hardest, and she just takes everything in stride. She is so talented, sometimes it makes me a little sick, when I think about all the things she is good at. I f you ever have the opportunity to go to her house, take it. Especially if there is a holiday coming up. She can do anything she puts her mind to, except perhaps waking up in the morning.
Anyhow, I am glad she can read this now. I am glad she is my sister. Most of all I am glad she is my friend! I love you Cam!


This was when I worked at Express, we all wore red outfits.
The best part is my mom's stirrup pants!

You can't see very well, but I had these totally hot red cowboy boots.
I totally rocked those babies!

I remember crimping my hair on this day, I thought
I looked so cool!

This just shows that I have always been adorable!


I am so excited for Thanksgiving. I love the driving back and forth,
so we get to see everyone. I love seeing my cousins, and grandparents, and aunts
and uncles. I love the memories I have of all the Thanksgiving's past.
I remember sitting in Grandma's living room, and Brook and I would terrorize
Steven throughout the meal. I remember Grandma's stuffing, and this fabulous
cranberry fruity chutney thing. I also remember worrying about grandma
trying new recipes, even though they always turned out great. I look forward
to her apple cider, in the goose punch bowl. Her whole house smells
like it. I also realize how much it has turned me into who I am. We would
almost always take our Christmas card photos on Thanksgiving, so you will notice
in the pictures above we are sometimes wearing Christmas clothes. I
am already getting my kids wardrobe selections ready for tomorrow. I know
my in-laws probably think I am nuts, because my kids are always dressed,
usually in similar outfits or matching colors, with their hair done. That's how
we do holidays. I look forward to getting dressed up, and taking our family pictures.
I am so thankful for all the pictures we have, of all our holidays together.
I am so happy looking at them, thinking of all those wonderful times we had together.
It will be hard tomorrow at Grandma's, missing my uncles , dad and now Grandpa.
I know they will be there with us. I know we will still laugh and eat too much,
and be thankful for all that we have. For being part of this fabulous family.
I get so sad for people when I realize that they don't have families like mine. I
don't know what I would do without my family, they are the best part of my life.
So because of that, I don't want to miss out on anything. I will get the kids ready, go to the cemetary, then we will head to my Grandma P.'s, then leave and go see my husband's family,
then leave to go to my mom's for the Italian blowout. I hope everyone is pondering
all that they have to be thankful for, and remembering all those people who don't have anywhere near as much to be thankful for. It would be so easy to be sad tomorrow,
to think of all the people I have lost over the years, but instead I like to think of all the
people we've gained. My sweet little nephew, in-laws, and new baby cousins.
I think one of the things I love the most is the diversity between my families. We have
so much fun at both places, but it is goofy and more reserved at my Grandma P.'s, then we
head to my mom's and have all the loud Italians, the cursing, the yelling, the wine,
the creampuffs. I can't pick a favorite, they are both so great!
I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

This is a side note, of why I love tomorrow. Because the next day I start my Christmas shopping. I love the crowds, the malls, the festive feeling in the air. I especially love the occasional fist fight you might see between 2 strangers over some stupid toy. I look forward to this day, we get a sitter early in the morning. We talk on the phone back & forth to Doug & Holly, then we meet up, exchange gifts that we have bought for each other's kids, have lunch, go to Target or other places. I know it seems silly, but it's always a fun day, that just gets me in the spirit.



This is my all time favorite comedian. If you ever have a chance to see him, GO! I think I have seen him 4 times. Totally clean, totally hilarious! Just wanted to make you all laugh! Oh yeah, his name is Brian Regan. He has a website also, that you can buy his stuff. It is www.brianregan.com. Don't miss the bus with this guy! Hope you all laugh until you wet yourself!
Brian Regan - U.P.S.


just a sidenote

By the way, I just wanted everyone to know how extremely happy I was this morning. I got in the car, nothing different than normal, and started flipping through the stations. When what to my wondering ears should I hear? CHRISTMAS MUSIC, on KEZ. I am so amazingly happy about this, this is my most favorite time of the year!

Lunch anyone?

Cooper begging me not to make him eat his lunch.
Do you blame him?

Can you say, YUMMY?!?

My ragtag group of kids, you can tell it's been
a long week when the girls hair looks like this
when I send them to school!

If you are looking for something else to put on your list to be thankful for, being out of school and not having to eat cafeteria lunches. Mind you, they have come a long way since my day, but there are still very few days I would actually want to eat it. The Thanksgiving meal is one of those, I am always the only parent not eating, or else pretending to eat, knowing full well I am going to Taco Bell afterwards. Of course sometimes I wish I could just skip the whole thing (in fact I thought I might get away with it this year), until this morning when they all ganged up on me with the please, please, please come mom. So I got ready and loaded Cooper and Izzy up, and of course it didn't start @ 11:00 like the kid said, so I got to hang around for a half an hour. The funniest thing, is I see these people almost everyday, at the least once a week. Everyone kept asking me when I had another baby, hello people. It takes 9 months to cook and pop one out, and you just saw me on Friday. Anyhow, it was fun being with my kids, meeting all their friends again, watching all the other kids act all excited because C, A, and B's mom was there. When it was all done, I drove straight to Applebee's for a Chinese Chicken Salad, curbside to go. I ate in the parking lot while the kids slept in the car. Only a couple more weeks till the Christmas lunch, maybe I'll get the flu. If not, I will be smiling and pretending, dreaming of my salad or bean burrito waiting for me afterwards! By the way, Jon comes home today and I am sooooooo excited, I am also super proud of myself for surviving the week! I DID IT!!! I hope you all are lucky enough to experience a cafeteria lunch again! One more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!

p.s. Brian Finn if you see this, that is your Chloe in the picture with my kids. Where were you today? What a punk dad! Ha-ha! (You know I love ya man!)



She is growing up way too fast. Before I know it I will be dropping her off at the mall with her friends, and she will be sitting in the front seat. She is so much like me, which I think is our problem at times. She does things, and I think I must have done that very same thing. She is so much smarter than I ever was at her age, and she is so happy. She is willing to overlook anyone's faults, even when I am telling her not to be friends with someone because of things they have done to her. She is such a help to me, and sometimes I feel like I don't give her the credit she deserves. I love how she is turning into her own person, with her own fashion sense. Some of the outfits she puts together are a riot, and others are right on the mark. She does her own hair now, listens to her music, writes on her blog. I can't believe my little Chloe Rose is so grown up. My goal is to appreciate her as much as she deserves, and to make sure she knows it! It's a half day today and I am looking forward to going and getting her. She is such a help with Isabelle, I will be able to actually get things accomplished around here. She has a great laugh, if you are lucky you will get to hear it someday. Have I mentioned what a great singer she is, she has such an amazing talent! I am working with her to share it with as many people as possible. Anyhow, She is on my mind today, so she is in my blog!


It is really hard for me to pick an absolute favorite age for children. So far I am loving them all, all the way from newborn to almost 10 year old. Although, knowing almost definitely that this will be my last 3 year old, really breaks my heart. They are so fun and full of life at this age, and if you are lucky, they don't have any attitude yet. There whole body is kissable, but most favorite parts are the belly, the neck, the not quite thinned out cheeks, the pudgy little feet..., the list goes on forever. They don't really even have the stinky little kid smell yet. They are learning so fast, and believe they know what's absolutely right sometimes, yet other times they are so willing to be taught. I can't imagine Cooper growing up, I wish I could freeze him at this age. Jon constantly reminds me that I wished the same on the other 3, and I couldn't imagine them any different from how they are now. I just know I am gonna miss it. I know that my Cooper time is limited, pretty soon we will have to start putting him to bed with the other kids, we will have to really start making him clean up after himself, we won't be able to let him get away with things because he is the baby. Granted we will be able to do so many more things with him, and he will be able to go to the things the older kids go to, but I am still going to miss it. I am so excited for him to be in school next year, but it is making me appreciate my time with him so much. I think he likes it too. I love it when it is just a day with me and him, he picks where we will have lunch, what we will do, he knows I am at his beck and call. I don't mind, before I know it he will be getting baptized, going on a mission, going to college and getting married. So I am going to keep kissing him as much as I can until he is too cool for that. I will still be looking for that perfect age, which I am starting to realize is probably different for each child. Anyhow, I am looking over my shoulder at him, laughing with his whole body, his belly shaking like Santa's, because something funny happened to Franklin on tv. I want to be able to rewind this moment and play it again & again. Take advantage of your kids now, before it is too late. Remember that life is short, read a book to your babes, snuggle with them, play a game with them, do something that you can remember for always!



It has come to my attention that some of the people who tune in, enjoy reading people's comments as much as the blog. So please enter a comment, let's make everyone's day! This is a shout out to you Johnny!

No, Joey is not about to pistol whip Cooper. Don't worry, there are no major injuries, besides the time Cooper left his teeth implants on Joe's arm.

As many of you know I do babysitting in the week. Mondays and Wednesdays I have the pleasure of watching my nephew Joe. I refer to him and Cooper affectionately as Lex Luther and Superman. Neither of them are specifically one or the other, because I have learned that they both have equal amounts of good and EVIL in them. As I am typing this they are having a spitting fight in the other room, wait it's over and they are laughing now. The day is never ending, they are always busy, and quite often arguing or telling the other one what to do. Sometimes I dread Mondays and Wednesdays, but once he is here it is all good. I am so excited to see where this relationship will take them. Jimmy and I were just talking about how excited we are for them to be old enough to have sleep-overs. I hope they will live until then. These are a few pics from a good moment today. Just so everyone knows, they really are crazy, so much that Jimmy came over once, and saw how they behaved, the next day I got a raise. It's worth it though, I am glad to be of service to Jim & Amber. As they say, this too shall pass. Hope your day is as crazy as ours! Jon if you are checking in, I love you and miss you! Have fun in Philly!


something more

Apparently when I publish my blog it is not underlined, so excuse my P.S. from below. I also want to say how happy I am when there is a show on tv they have never seen. Thank heavens for "Honey I shrunk the kids"! It is nice and peaceful now, yahoo!!!

No, I am not talking about the new tv show on ABC. I am talking about my kids, I am talking about how on days like today I have to remind myself that my children do love each other. That hopefully because of all we know, and because we are an eternal family, they will always ove each other no matter what fault's each of them have. Today started bad, and has continually gotten worse. It is a bad sign, considering Jon just left this morning for 5 days. I am hoping for the best, that they will miraculously change into little darlings, but I am realistic, I know that is not going to happen. So I decided to look at some pictures of happier times between them, to remind myself that they do exist. They really are pills, but they are so full of life and love, and sometimes they just amaze me. Other times they crack me up, like how excited they were about a man getting arrested in our front yard today. They sat and yelled as loud as they could to get the officer's attention. Then they were excited when another cop came as backup. Then to top it all off, a tow truck came and took the bad guys car away. That was just the ultimate in excitement for them, they were very angry that I would not let them go out and ask for their autographs. I don't remember fighting with my siblings like my kids do, at least not as much mine do, but who knows? Maybe it is just because I remember all the good times. I love my brothers & sisters, I could not imagine my life without them. I am so looking forward to dinner at my mom's tonight, and knowing they will all be there. It is a continual love, even when one of them makes me mad. I hope that my children will have that kind of love for each other, I am trying to teach it to them, I tell them constantly that there brothers and sisters are the only constant things in their lives. Hopefully it will sink in someday, and hopefully soon. Everyone reading this needs to tell one of their siblings, preferably all of them, that they love them. I promise it will make you feel better. Spread the love!

P.S. I am sorry this whole thing was underlined, I don't know why it was doing it, and I couldn't figure out how to stop it, but apparently now it is working just fine!


Do you notice my feet in the picture above? Courtesy of my brother. Only Peterson's take goofy pictures even at weddings!

I love going to weddings. I love seeing these darling young couples, that are just starting. I love to think that I was that young and naive at one point in time. They are so hopeful, and loving, and happy. They have no idea how hard it is going to be at times, and how fabulous it is going to be other times. How it is usually just pretty average most of the time. It makes me excited, it gives me a breath of fresh air, in my sometimes stale life. I am looking forward to tomorrow, to the everyday steps of life. I remember being that happy, I have never had as much fun as I did at my wedding. I would relive that day over and over! I love that even now, after almost 12 years, people come up to me and say they have never been to a better wedding. I love looking at those pictures. What a great night. Anyhow, I am rambling, it is late. I am so tired, but I just wanted to let this be known.



Just want everyone to see what a total doll my little Buffaroo is. We could only hope we were ever this darling!

I guess you could say I am airing my dirty laundry! Look at this pile, and this is really better than normal. Laundry is probably the bain(bane?) of my existence. No matter how hard I work at it, it is never done! For instance this pile. I was caught up and only had one load as of last Thursday, then life hit.

Cooper's sick, Buffy's sick, I'm sick, the weekend happened. I am back to square one. For those of you who think I might actually have it all together sometimes, take a look at my laundry. Of course, I highly doubt any of you think I have it all together. You don't know how terrified I am to post this, do I really want people to see this black hole of my life? I hope that the people who see this will not judge me, maybe even e-mail me a picture of their pile, so I can post it also. I am trying to free all of you stay at home mom's or dad's, or especially those mom's and dad's that work full time, I can't imagine when you get the time to do your laundry, and still live your life. Someday in my dreams, clothes will be disposable. I hope that someday I will be able to STOP THE INSANITY!!! Until then, I hope you all know that we are in this war together. Good luck to you all, keep your troops morale up, press forward, we will live to see another day!

P.S. I am totally serious about you people supporting me and sending me your pictures, I need to know I am not the only one out there fighting!

P.S.S. the links on my page go to Chloe's blog, and two of my friends that totally rock. Feel free to visit, hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do!


Andy boy

This is my absolute favorite picture of Andy. Those people at the talent agency sure missed out on a major opportunity with him. He should totally be in a Gap or Children's Place ad! This is the picture I originally wanted to do today, but was having problems until Jon got home. So bonus for all of you, you get so much more to look at!
No, the sandcrab is not my brother, it is the thing on his tongue. I love the fact that every year when we go to Newport, my brother puts a sandcrab in his mouth. It always freaks my kids out, and totally cracks me up. I was looking through some photos, because I am going to post 1 a day hopefully, and this one definitely caught my eye. Don't you wish you had a brother as nutty as this?!?

Absolute happiness!!!

Do you have something that makes you happy, always? Anytime of the day, month, year? I know my brother is perfectly happy when he is having Halibut from the Crab Cooker in Newport, sometimes I wish I could have it shipped to Phoenix. My sister loves Pink Bubblegum ice cream from 31 flavors, so much that her and I count down to the summer months when we know it will be back in the stores. My happiness? TARGET! I love that store so much, even when it is a day like today, I went with 3 kids under the age of 3, I really didn't have any extra money to spend on things I wanted, but I was entirely content just walking around, perusing every aisle. I can't go without walking the whole store, there have been times in my life where I have limited myself to only go once a month because I can never get out of there with out spending at least $100. I own part of Target, with how much I have spent there in my life. People looked at me today like I was insane, with my gang of kids. Everyone thinks I have twin boys, sometimes I correct them, sometimes it is easier to just let them think what they want. All I know, is I was happy. I was not stressed, I was in my happy place. I hope you all have a happy place, if not you are welcome to borrow mine! By the way, I also have to add that I love Target commercials. My husband thinks I am a total nutcase, because I was so happy to see the first Target Christmas commercial during Desperate Housewives. What kind of person looks forward to this? Maybe I am a loon, but at least I am a happy loon!


Who am I?

I want to try this blog thing, I think it is so cool! I read other people's, and they sound so poetic, even if it is about nothing! I think to myself, can I really do this? I highly doubt it, but I try anyways. I am even trying without my husband's help, I can do this. My first step is to come up with a name. You have no idea how hard it is for me. Who am I, what do I want this name to stand for? If this was before I had kids, or got married, I would have been able to come up with a name immediately. Something fun, quirky, sexy, outrageous, loving, generous, grumpy,etc..., everything I was. Who am I now? Why is it so hard? Am I just Chloe, Andy, Buffy and Cooper's mom? And is that so bad? What kind of mom am I? I stop what I am doing to go play dress up with a sick Buffy, while Cooper and Isabelle are sleeping. We giggle and have fun, then snuggle. She tells me I am beautiful, and that I am the best mom she's ever had. Who am I? Chloe, Andy, Buffy and Cooper's mom, and you know what that's not so bad. I am still all those other wonderful things I was before, but even better now because of them! I hope everyone figures out who they are, it is great to know that I am one Super Cool Mom!