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Just do it, I have to live that way.
If not projects will sit around forever.
So I got some double-sided tape, and eyeballed it as I was going.
I really like how it turned out. I am sure
there is a smarter way, but for now it's perfect,
and I am so glad to have something on that huge empty wall!

A couple months ago, my fabulous sister Cami
made a darling Family Rules Printable. She was
also kind enough to do a bunch of different colored ones,
and let people download them here for free. I had this
long frame, so I decided to steal her idea and resize it
to fit my needs. I also added a few rules.
This frame is from IKEA, so if anyone wants a
long one for their house. Let me know:)


Comments please

My grandmother had an amazing album
collection. I remember so many times sitting in
her wonderful bedroom up on North Central.
listening to her music. I loved it when she would sing along.
She had an amazing walk-in closet, tons of fabulous jewelry,
and a bathroom full of so many goodies. I could have spent
hours in there. A few weeks ago we moved her into an
assisted living home, and we were invited to come and get some mementos
for our home. I got some wonderful things when we did this
years ago when she moved out of her home on North Central.
This time I was drawn to the records, I really thought they would be
fun to use as artwork perhaps? I only grabbed about 14, so today
I lined them up. I think they might be fun to have
on our big blank wall in the front room or maybe as
semi headboards for the girl's beds? I keep going back
to the front room. I need some ideas...

What do you think?


8/31/11 (Again)

Apparently Buffy likes her quiet time as well :)


Kids in bed,
quiet time for mom

"According to their faith",
I needed that tonight...

I kinda dropped the ball the last few days,
I'll try to make it up though:)


Happy Birthday

Warning: This post has a major Macy photo overload, and I cut a ton out. When my girl is this cute, I just have to put lots of pics:)

She started a new smile, and she
has the squinty eyes.
SO I either get her sad with eyes open,
or cheesy with squinty eyes.
I hope this phase doesn't last too long!

She's so darling, I just can't get enough of her!
Look at that hair, is that so much fun?!?

Did you catch her toe pop?
Man this girl is gonna be trouble
(both of them)

She was so unsure when everyone sang to her,
she is so timid, she really doesn't like the attention.

Macy and Audrey, too cute!

I love her face, she was so anxious to open that gift

We had a fun little party with family and a few close friends. She wanted cookies & brownies with ice cream. I baked all day, and she was happy. She waited anxiously all day, ready for her party to start. I hope she's not too sad tomorrow when she wakes up and realizes it's all over:(

This little girl has brought so much joy to our lives. It's crazy to think that 4 years ago, we thought we were done having kids. I was happy with our family, and really didn't think anything was missing. Boy was I wrong!

When I got pregnant, it was a really rough time for us, and I was so unsure of why she was being sent to us right now. The timing would have been so much better 2 years earlier. It's amazing how well my Heavenly Father knows me, he knew the things that I was going to go through, and he knew I was going to need her joy in my life. Baby and toddler joy is so different from bigger kid joy, and I needed her as a baby then. Does that even make sense? It does to me. She is pure happiness, and our bigger kids need this sweet little girl to keep them from growing up too fast.

There is nothing better than hearing her giggle with Andy, after climbing up the ladder to his bed. Hearing her squeal in fear and laughter as she is running away from Cooper. Watching Buffy always being willing to play house and kitchen with her, and Chloe giving her make-overs and doing her nails. They always have time for her. I am sad that she is growing up, I don't think our family is ready to not have a baby in the house. I'm not. I'm so sad for me when she starts school on Monday, and I am secretly hoping she hates it so I can keep her home. Unfortunately I am sure she will love it, so I will have to deal with it.

I can't wait to continue to watch her grow, I have a feeling this girl is going to surprise us all. Watch out world, here comes Mason Lane!


This girl LOVES to paint...

(I love how pretty the colors are all mixed together,
until they become that grayish brown)

She prefers my toll paints, or acrylics
instead of washable water colors :(

She is so serious about her art



Gotta love high school homework...
She's so smart though
(I think even smarter than I was,
maybe she's just more dedicated)
She is definitely gonna go far.


The result

(a little closer to see the fabric)

Macy & Victor wondering when
the party's gonna start...

I made this sign last year,
but I don't think I've ever posted it.
I love it, and it is basically up for the next 6 months.
This is our crazy time:
August - Macy's b-day
September - My b-day
October - Andy's b-day, and Halloween
November - Cooper's b-day and Thanksgiving
December - Chloe's b-day, Christmas and New Year's Eve
January - Jon's b-day, and our anniversary
February - Buffy's b-day and Valentine's

I know, it's insane...

I have wanted to make one of these bunting banners,
and finally just did it. I just kinda guessed as I went
along, I'm sure I could have found a great
tutorial, but I'm happy with the finished result.
It's double sided, so if someday I want to add
lettering, I can. It definitely adds some cheer to the front room:)


I got the urge to make something,
and I did it. I love it when that happens!
Pics to come...



The babies LOVED having the house to themselves,
no big kids to bother them!

My Buffy going into 5th Grade

Andyboy (he's probably too old to be called
that now), going into 7th Grade


More Sunday loves on the bed.
Macy is supposed to be taking a nap,
but she knows how to butter her daddy up:)


We went to Ikea over the weekend to get
the little Miss a tall stool, so she could wash her hands
all by herself. Now she also goes in and soaks her
hair completely, at least 3 times a day(all by herself).
She always comes out and asks me if she's beautiful.
The answer is always the same,
"The most beautiful."


I love my new pillows,
and the kids love throwing them on the ground.
It's a win/win...





I'm not crazy about the vase, and I need
my mom or brother or sister's artistic abilities
to add some shadowing and more foliage.
All in all though, I really like it, and it was
so fun to do! Now I want to head out to some thrift
stores to get more paintings to make over!
Also, I could use some suggestions on what color to paint the Frame.
I want bright and fun, help me! I'm leaning towards yellow...